Types of Mattresses

With so many mattresses available now, finding the right one for you can be confusing and overwhelming.  We have put together some brief explanations of the mattresses manufactured at Symbol. Each description tells you a little about what each mattress can offer you, and the way it is put together. Hopefully this guide will answer some of your questions about the mattresses that are out there and which is best for you and your family.



  The innerspring mattress has a core that contains a certain amount of coil springs. This has been the standard mattress in the mattress industry and is probably the kind of mattress you envision when you think of mattresses. These mattresses are made up of coils, upholstery and a foundation. The coils are the main support for the body in this bed and are essential your spine alignment and for a good night of sleep. The layer above the coils is the upholstery, which is the comfort layer. This layer varies for the level of coziness and cushion that you are looking for as a sleep surface. Many of these layers will be made up of foam or latex, which you can read more about on this page. Most innerspring mattresses look similar from the outside, but once you look at the interior there are major differences. At Symbol, we offer two types of innerspring mattresses, Traditional and Foam Encased.

Traditional Innerspring:


  Our Traditional innerspring mattresses feature a variety of innersprings that vary in coil design, count, and height as well as the border rod gauge and location. We use Bonnell coils in a number of our beds which are thicker and heavier than any other coil we use to ensure a durable and quality bed. Our Verti-Coil and Superlastic Coil Support systems feature helical wires sewn head to foot to reduce motion transfer and partner disturbance which is often found in traditional innerspring mattresses. All of these coils are very supportive when it comes to keeping the back aligned. These beds are extremely resilient and don’t break down like other materials may.

Enclosed Coils:


  Enclosed coils are each individually wrapped in a fabric pocket. High quality and high density fabric that wraps the coil maximizes wear strength and durability and minimizes friction and noise while the glue pattern is designed to allow the coils to work independently and contour to your body without partner disturbance. While the fabric is connected the springs are independent of one another, so they can move separately which eliminates motion transfer.
  All of our coils are tempered so they keep their shape and do not collapse. Also, our supplier supplies and controls the high quality of our wire production from their own wire mills ensuring consistent feel and quality. They also all feature Active Support Technology® which responds dynamically and reacts intelligently to the individual contours of a sleeper’s body. Both types of coils can be used with a foam encased perimeter of rigid foam around the coils to create a sturdy edge. These beds sleep right to the edge and eliminate the roll off feeling you can get with traditional innersprings.

Memory Foam:


  Memory Foam, also known as Visco-Elastic foam, is a slow recovering foam that was developed by NASA and was later adopted by the mattress industry. Memory Foam molds to your body which allows the pressure to spread over a greater portion of your body’s surface therefore relieving stress from your pressure points. The foam responds to the warmth of body temperature, therefore, it softens when you lay on it. All of these factors may make the bed hot which is why Symbol offers an air infused foam to keep your bed cooler than traditional memory foam. Overall, the memory foam mattress provides a more relaxing sleep, because the pressure relief reduces tossing and turning which may disrupt your sleep.



  Latex is similar to memory foam but is more resilient and breathable. A latex bed provides well-balanced support without the heat buildup of traditional memory foam. Although latex is similar to memory foam, it is not as conforming and there isn’t that slow recovery time which makes it easier to change positions while sleeping. This latex is soft and elastic. Also, it is biodegradable and resistant to bacteria, mold and dust mites.

 Gel Memory Foam:


The latest, advanced technology in bedding is Gel Memory Foam. This is memory foam infused with gel to add support and comfort to your mattress. Ordinary foam traps heat against your body but with the added gel, it adds an open cell structure that increases airflow and carries heat away from the body. The gel memory foam offers the superior comfort of premium memory foam infused with the active, targeted support of pressure relief and a cooling touch. Gel memory foam lowers the average body pressure and eliminates tossing and turning throughout the night.

 Pillow Top:

  A pillow top mattress is a regular mattress with attached cushioned layers, in other words, a pillow top adds extra comfort layers on top of the bed. A pillow top can be on an innerspring bed or all foam and feature a number of different comfort levels and types of cushioning in the pillow top.

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